Display That Reads Sunlight

Here is a display monitor that reads sunlight. The sunlight readable display was designed to be used in areas where conditions are bright owing to incoming indirect or reflected bright light. This display has a protective anti-reflective outer glass shield included. It also features optical bonding. This is designed to eliminate internal reflections. The sunlight readable display monitor allows its user to view clear and sharp video images even when bright sunlight is reflecting onto the screen.

A comparison chart has been drawn up for the benefit of consumers. This chart illustrates the difference between standard LCD monitors, daylight readable or optically bonded monitors, sunlight readable monitors, as well as optically bonded sunlight readable monitors. Optical bonding injects transparent optical grade epoxy resins to bond protective glass panels directly to the face of an LCD display.

sunlight readable display

The air gap between the LCD display and the cover glass is thus eliminated. Internal reflections that cause ‘visual wash-outs’ are also eliminated. Optical bonding increases the LCD monitor’s durability. This is done by bonding the LCD panel to the cover glass. Perfect display uniformity is maintained while protection against shock, humidity, as well as internal fogging is being provided. Internal fogging is caused by moisture trapped in the standard LCD monitor.

Sunlight readable monitors are producing less heat. They require less power. Apart from its durability, the sunlight monitor is also able to provided increased ruggedness. Excellent image quality continues to be maintained even when the monitor is facing direct, bright sunlight. So. The sun is out. So what. Let it shine, let it shine. Enjoy the sunshine while it last, no need to close the curtains and live like a hermit while you’re trying watch TV for crying out loud.

Enjoy the show.